Our Philospohy

To provide a modern and exciting Karate system in the Shito-Ryu style, honouring the Shukokai school and teachings of Soke Tani Chojiro.

Shushokan comes from the statement shusho ichi no otoshi which can be translated as ‘effort and result are one’. This is our core teaching, the basis of our philosophy.

Shushokan was founded in Japan in August 2007.

Little Ninjas & Kids Karate

Shushokan Karate develops self confidence, respect and develops social skills.

It is a Martial Art that suits all ages and builds skills that are essential in todays world.

All Skill Levels

Belt testing is one of our most exciting events. Students train hard to improve their skills & advance in the ranks.

Fully Qualified

Traditional Karate school with a modern approach to ensure all our members get the best tuition from fully qualified instructors.

Get Fit & Healthy

Karate is an ideal sport for, men, women & children, providing a full-body workout in unison of a technique or a combination of techniques.

Traditional Karate

Traditional karate places emphasis on self-development, perseverance, fearlessness, virtue. Victory is not an ultimate aim, it is an art of self-defence which uses the body in the most efficient way.

Training Programs

Little NinjasLittle Ninjas

Our Little Ninja classes are for young children aged 4-6 years. Martial arts based games & fun competitions to improve confidence, speed, agility & coordination.

Kids KarateKids Karate

Our Kids Karate classes are for children aged 7 -adult. Using a structured style students learn a complete traditional, sporting & self defence system.

Senior KarateSeniors

Karate can be practiced as an art, self defense or as a combat sport. Traditional karate places emphasis on self-development.

SSKO Instructors

Sensei Paul Jones

Ludlow, Brecon, Monmouth & Hereford Instructor.

Sensei Lou Vaughan

Mary Webb, Pontesbury, Harlescott Lanterns, Builth Wells & Bromyard Instructor.

Sensei Alan Turner

Llandrindod Wells Instructor.

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